Questionnaire "Our New Europe"




In which country do you live?

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A.  Basic Concept



1. Which scenario most closely matches your vision for Europe?

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2. Who shall have the last word on all major policy decisions in your Europe? 

(e.g. Euro and common fiscal and economic policy with EU taxes, transfer payments from rich to less rich countries inc. austerity packages decided by the Troika; common refugee policy with compulsory refugee quotas as well as contributions to countries of origin and transit; free movement of persons in the EU; new EU member countries e.g. Turkey; common foreign and defence policy inc. declaration of war; regional requests for autonomy; fighting pandemics as Corona, and climate change)

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3. How shall the new Constitution, necessary for the future Europe, be created? Choose one of the following answers



B.  Political Requirements

❤️Democrats throughout Europe - unite!❤️



Petition "For a Europe of the Europeans - 
for Peace, Freedom and Democracy throughout Europe!"



To Europe’s politicians, members of:

- the European Parliament
- the European Council
- the European Commission
- the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
- the national Parliaments and Governments of 51 European countries



Ladies and Gentlemen,


We, the undersigned citizens of 51 European countries, call for a new, democratic and diverse, subsidiary and decentralized, prosperous and sustainable independent Europe for the 21st century, a Europe that protects its minorities and where we are all can live together in peace and in freedom. - In particular, we are asking for:

1. A Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens in wich we are taken seriously by «Europe», because we decide ourselves all important issues at European and if possible national level with the ballot! – Referenda transform patronized recipients of orders in lockdown into sovereign, free Europeans!

2. A democratic and diverse Europe, in which we citizens determine in the first pan-European referendum our country’s place and role: in a politically integrated core Europe, or in a strong common market or in a vast European free trade zone, open to all countries throughout Europe!

3. A decentralized, subsidiary Europe, in which only shall be delegated to “Brussels” what is absolutely essential, but not what our independent, peacefully cooperating countries and their regions and municipalities can regulate bottom-up and close to us citizens more efficiently, with sustainable effects, than a centralized top-down world power USE, propagated ever more fiercely and martially by “Brussels”!

4. A somewhat more “Swiss-like” Europe, in which all countries, peoples and citizens live together in peace and prosperity and no longer settle their problems with violence and wars, but rather through dialogue and referendа - with the help of our “million-citizen army” always ready to fight!

5. A Peace Project in which crises (Corona, climate, Brexit, refugees, Ukraine) are dealt with bottom-up with referenda, and and used as chances - to strengthen democracy, peace, freedom, security and welfare, human rights und human dignity throughout Europe - a beacon in the world!

6. A new, future-oriented European Constitution (Europe’s fundamental law), which shall be elaborated by a Constitutional Assembly, elected by us citizens, and which we then will put into force in a referendum in each member country.

We convinced European democrats want to take control of our new Europe by triggering with our irresistible “virus of democracy” a pan-European, digital, peaceful citizens’ revolt, so that you, Ladies and Gentlemen, will implement our new Europe without delay, democratically, together with us!

We millions of citizens across Europe can do it! – Together with you, bottom-up, e-democratically, with the ballot!


Thank you very much!
The united democrats of Europe:
(first name, last name, country)



If you want to sign this petition, please enter the data tagged with * and then sign below (question 4):

4. Are you willing to sign this petition for our new Europe?

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B.  Crisis Management



5. How do you want your Europe to deal with regional requests for autonomy and independence as well as with possible applications of newly independent regions to join the EU (Catalonia, Scotland, Corsica, ...)?

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6. Which European policy regarding refugees and asylum  corresponds best with your opinion?  Choose one of the following answers

7. Do you agree with the free movement of persons in the EU? Choose one of the following answers

8. Do you want the Euro in your country and thus the long-needed integration of economic and fiscal policies in the Euro zone? Choose one of the following answers


9. Which strategy shall Europe pursue in the war in the Ukraine: Confrontation, Compromise or Revolution

Choose one of the following answers

10. What policy shall Europe adopt in the climate crisis?

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11. Who shall be responsible in Europe for fighting pandemics (e.g. Corona)?

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