Questionnaire "Our New Europe"




In which country do you live?

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A.  Basic Concept



1. Which scenario most closely matches your vision for Europe?

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2. Who shall have the last word on all major policy decisions in your Europe? 

For example: Euro and common fiscal and economic policy with EU taxes, transfer payments from the rich to the less rich member countries; common refugee policy with mandatory country quotas and contributions to countries of origin and transit; free movement of people within the EU; new member countries, e.g. Turkey, Ukraine,..; common foreign and defense policy, incl. declaration of wars; regional requests for autonomy; Corona, climate change, war in Ukraine.

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3. How shall the new Constitution, necessary for the future Europe, be created? Choose one of the following answers



B.  Political Requests - Petition


For a new, peaceful, diverse, democratic Europe for all its citizens!



To Europe’s politicians, members of:
- Governments and Parliaments of all European countries from Vladivostok to Rexykjavik,
- the Ministerial Committee as well as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,
- the European Parliament,
- the European Council,
- the European Commission!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We, the undersigned citizens of 51 European countries, call for a new, peaceful and democratic, diverse, confederal and subsidiary, strong, prosperous and sustainable Europe for the 21st century, a Europe that protects its minorities and in which we can all live together in peace and freedom. - In particular, we are asking for: 


1. A Europe open to all countries - incl. Russia and Ukraine - which allows all countries - given their rich historical experiences and achievements - to preserve and strengthen their traditions, institutions, cultures and languages and to work together in peace and in various areas for the benefit of all European countries and peoples!


2. A subsidiary Europe, in which shall be delegated to "Europe" only what is absolutely necessary, but not what free, peacefully cooperating countries can regulate themselves just as well or even better!

3. A direct-democratic Europe, in which we empowered citizens shall have the last word on all important issues with referenda - e.g. on our country’s place in Europe, the accession of new member countries and crises such as refugee dramas, pandemics, climate change and the war in Europe!

4. A Europe in which such crises will never again be settled with wars, but peacefully, with the ballot sheet, on the basis of - if necessary - difficult negotiations and with fair compromises - and always be used as opportunities to strengthen democracy, peace and freedom, security, welfare and human rights - throughout Europe!

5. A strong, neutral Europe, which - to maintain its security and independence, to prevent wars and to strengthen peace in the world - will use its purely defensive army - consisting of the armed forces of willing countries only - exclusively to convert any potential aggressor into a reliably cooperationg partner!

6. A Europe to be created democratically with a future-oriented constitution, for which the citizens elect their country’s representatives to the constitutional council, then ratify the constitution in a national referendum and finally implement and further develop it in regular referenda according to their future needs!

Alarmed by the severe crises and the war in Europe, we are calling on you, Ladies and Gentlemen, with our violently non-violent citizens’ revolution online in all European countries - to start peace negotiations immediately, to lift mutual sanctions and to start implementing our new Europe together with us, democratically and without delay!

We can and must do this, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Governments and Parliaments - e-democratically, bottom up, together with you: - A new era, our European Peace Project - beacon in the world for peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and human dignity!  - Let’s do it! - Now! 

Thank you very much!
Your empowered, responsible citizens of all European countries
(first name, last name, country)




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4. Are you willing to sign this Petition for our new Europe?

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B.  Crisis Management - who decides:
"Brussels" - Y
our National Government - Citizens?



5. How do you want your Europe to deal with regional requests for autonomy and independence as well as with possible applications of newly independent regions to join the EU (Catalonia, Scotland, Corsica, ...)?

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6. Which European policy regarding refugees and asylum  corresponds best with your opinion?  Choose one of the following answers

7. Do you agree with the free movement of persons in the EU? Choose one of the following answers

8. Do you want the Euro in your country and thus the long-needed integration of economic and fiscal policies in the Euro zone? Choose one of the following answers

9. Who will Define the European Foreign and Defense Policy?

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10. What policy shall Europe adopt in the climate crisis?

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11. Who shall be responsible in Europe for fighting pandemics (e.g. Corona)?

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